Life-Long Learning Classes


Chair Exercise
Mondays & Fridays - 11AM to 11:45AM
Instructor: Judy Gaul
Judy is a certified fitness instructor with more than 30 years of training experience This class is designed exclusively for older adults who want to improve strength, flexibility, balance & endurance.
Price - $2.00 Per Class

Yoga With a Twist
Tuesdays - 9AM to 9:45AM ($2 Per Class)
Tuesdays - 6:PM to 7PM (FREE Class)
Instructor: Lisa Bardarson
This class was created for the Working Baby Boomer. Yoga exercise will help to loosen tight muscles and relax the body creating a more supple and tension relieved body and relaxed state of mind.

Gentle Yoga (Zion Baptist Church)
Tuesdays - 11AM to 12PM
Instructor: Marie Roberts
Breathing, relaxation, gentle stretches.
All are welcome!
Price $5.00 per class

Healthy Steps in Motion
Wednesdays - 10:30AM to 11:15AM
Instructor: Certified Trainer Gladys Saldana
A Fall Prevention exercise regimen to improve flexibility and balance, increase muscle strength and enhance overall fitness and health. 16 week course beginning October 1st.

Stretch & Tone
Thursdays - 9AM to 10:00AM
Instructor: Lisa Bardarson
A moderate exercise program designed to strengthen and tone the body. Participants perform gentle stretches to increase mobility, lubricate joints & improve balance.
Price - $2.00 Per Class


Art Class
Mondays - 10AM to 11:30AM
Instruction in water colors and painting of still life and composition and weather permitting outdoor painting of scenes in nature

Jewelry Making
Thursdays - 12:45PM to 1 :45PM
Instructor: Sun H. Joe
In the Fall, the class will design jewelry sets for the Holidays.
Price - $2.00 Per Class plus supplies


Nutrition Class
March 11th - 10AM
Instructor:Registered Dietician, Teri Wassell
A nutrition-at-risk screening form will be given to all participants and a healthy cooking demonstration will be included in the program.


Conversational Spanish
Wednesdays - 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Instructor: Gladys Saldana
Conversational Spanish for beginners
Price - $7.00 a month

TABLE GAMES Tuesday andThursday Afternoons 1:45 - 3:00 P.M. FABRIC ARTS

Weaving Class
Wednesdays - 10AM to 11:30AM
Instructor: Barbara Parman
Barbara is a certified Occupational Therapist and has taught Weaving at the PALM for 10 years. The class uses rigid heddle, 4 harness and card looms. This class is particularly appropriate for people with low vision or limited dexterity. Student work is sold in local stores and bazaars. Beginners are welcomed.

Sewing Class
Tuesdays - 10AM to 12PM
Instructor: Barbara Short
Barbara is a consummate tailor and seamstress who has for the past 20 years taught sewing, quilting and crochet at the PALM. Her Quilts are award winning and the student work is sold locally at bazaars and community events.

Quilting Class
Fridays - 10:00AM to 12PM
Instructor: Barbara Short
Create bed quilts, wall hangings and pillows for personal use and for sale.

Tuesday - 6:00PM
We are knitters, crocheters and whatever other fiber craft you like to do. Along with interesting discussion, unwind with us!


Creative Writing Class
Wednesdays - 12:30PM to 2PM
Instructor: Melisse Jean
Class is open to budding and published writers. We are creating an Anthology of all student work and will also participate in local writing contests.
Price - $7.00 a month

Bible Study
Tuesdays - 12:30PM
A study of Biblical characters and social mores and practices of the day.
Price - Free Will Offering

Bible Study
Thursdays - 10:30AM
A vigorous class in Bible study with in-depth analysis of Biblical history, interpretations of the scriptures, and discussion on the application of the Biblical principles in onesí daily life.
Price - Free Will Offering


Merri Notes
Thursdays 11AM to 12PM
Musical Director: Dr. Clyde Shive
This choir rehearses weekly on Thursdays and performs year round sharing their musical talents with audiences throughout the metropolitan community.


Touchpad Technology
Tuesdays & Thursdays - 12:30PM to 2PM
May Class Starting on July 12th!
Instructor: Michael Sommerville, Jr.
Learn how to operate your SmartPhone, iPad or Tablet of any brand.
Price - $50.00 Registration Fee
Non-members $75.00 Registration Fee

Intermediate Internet
Tuesdays & Thursdays - 10AM to 11:30AM
May Class Starting on July 12th!
Instructor: Michael Sommerville, Jr.
Building on your basic knowledge of how to find information and send e-mail, class members will learn how to interact with social networking groups like Facebook and Twitter along with understand how to be more secure as you shop, pay bills, etc...
Price - $50.00 Registration Fee
Non-members $75.00 Registration Fee

Do You Have a Class Idea?

Whether you are looking to learn something different and interesting, or you want to become an instructor and impart your knowledge, we'd be glad to hear from you! Contact Sandi Stovall. You may also call The PALM at (610) 642-9370.