Message From The Director

Make New Friends at the PALM!

The PALM's organizational theme for this operating year is MAKE NEW FRIENDS. Research indicates that it is critical for aging adults to develop new friendships to replace relationships that are lost to death, relocations, and changing circumstances of life. If your relationships aren't replaced you may well end up alone, isolated and living a life of lack. Lacking friends, lacking a social life, lacking the love and concern of others, lacking the stamina and will to enjoy each day as it comes. Adults 65- to 91 years of age who have several friends report having greater feelings of independence and worthiness than those who don't. Good friendship could prove to be a lifeline in times of disaster or emergency health episodes. Accidents and physical problems are less likely to go unnoticed and unattended if the older person who lives alone has several caring and concerned friends.

The PALM welcomes you to visit, volunteer or just have lunch with us, any day and give yourself the opportunity to meet and make new friends. Our members are wonderfully funny, caring and helpful adults of diverse backgrounds and varied interests and skill-sets. You might just want to sit in on a class or start a group of your own here at the PALM. We are looking for a foursome to play bridge or a skilled instructor to teach. Join our book club or travel with us. Here at the PALM you are bound to find a few good buddies to brighten your day and make your life far more enjoyable. Again we welcome you to make new friends and cultivate lasting relationships right here at the PALM, where we believe in POSITIVE AGING! See you soon, friend!


Volunteer at The PALM Center!

Giving your time to those who need you and your talents is a rewarding feeling at the end of the day! The new friends and connections you'll make is worth more than anything you can imagine! If you are interested, please contact Sandi Stovall. You may also call The PALM at (610) 642-9370.