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-PALM's Drive-Thru Curbside Lunch Program is back in full swing and currently serving the community! Please make your reservations today for next week!

The Center for Positive Aging has been actively working to shift our former onsite activities to remote/virtual programming so that you can continue to participate in the classes and groups that you enjoy and benefit from. We're looking at creative ways to offer programming to our participants who are at home and crave social, emotional, physical, and intellectual connection. Social distancing doesn't have to mean social isolation. We are excited to introduce PALM at Home Virtual Programming. Look for exercise classes, workshops, entertainment, support groups and much more in the coming weeks! You can now access PALM at Home Virtual Programming in several ways:

1. Check out our YouTube for recorded classes, workshops, films and other content. Watch what you want on your own time..

2. Follow us on Facebook to stay connected. We plan to offer special Facebook Live programming in addition to updates, photos and community sharing.

3. Take one of our virtual classes or workshops using Zoom. Many of our classes will be offered through Zoom, a service that offers video communications. This service is free for you to use when participating in PALM Zoom Programs. You can join the Zoom meeting from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Please note the meeting ID and Password when you join a meeting. The ID and Password are unique for each class. Zoom also allows for you to participate by phone for those who want audio only.

4. We also know that some of you do not have a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. So we will also be doing classes conducted by telephone.

One thing we have heard loud and clear is that virtual programming is very likely here to stay as a part of our programming. As long as we focus on the purpose- to bring people together to grow, learn and live life to the fullest- how we do it isn't as important.


Do You Have a Virtual Class Idea?

Whether you are looking to learn something different and interesting, or you want to become an instructor and impart your knowledge, we'd be glad to hear from you! You may also call The PALM at (610) 642-9370.



Daily lunch

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Low-cost legal services

Weekly grocery shopping

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Monthly food pantry

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New/Renew Membership

Yearly Membership cost is $25.00.
Mail your application to:

The PALM Center for Positive Aging
117 Ardmore Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003

Your membership card will be mailed when we receive your payment. If you have Any questions, please call 610-642-9370.

The PALM Center Mission

To assist adults 50 years of age and older to maintain a healthy, satisfying quality of life by providing services and activities in a nurturing environment that enables them to function more independently in the community. The Center is an advocate of unmet needs of older adults and is a repository of information to assure them their rights, benefits and opportunities.


In November 1974, Family Services of Montgomery County, through a study made by their outreach worker, sensed the need for developing an organization which would help the older residents of South Ardmore to realize their fullest potential. These residents were primarily minority group members.

*Fifteen persons were invited to work on the project and became the first Board of Directors. They prepared themselves for their responsibility by visiting other senior citizens' centers and familarizing themselves with programming possibilities.

*On September 29, 1975, the community was invited to a kickoff at which goals and aspirations were explained.

*Temporary housing had been offered to the Center and was accepted from the James A. Bell Masonic Order.

*The Board planned a budget and decided that funding was needed for transportation, guest speakers, equipment, program supplies and refreshments. An application was made by the Montgomery Council Office of Older Adults and funding was received.

*Initially the Club was envisioned as having a weekly program every Monday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. With funding from he Office of Older Adults, the program expanded to a two day week program.

*In September 1979, the program was enlarged to a three day week.

*Starting January 1980, the program was expanded to a five day week.


The Center for Positive Aging in Lower Merion (PALM) will be widely known for supporting positive aging and independence with dignity to older adults. We will be a resource and cultural Center, continuously expanding services and growing membership with an effective Board, staff and financial stability. Our staff and volunteers will engage in partnerships with public agencies, private businesses and applicable institutions to support older adults through programs and activities to:

*Advocate for rights and benefits;

*Create/promote opportunities to optimize health and welfare;

*Increase community outreach initiatives;

*Maximize life enrichment opportunities.


*To advance the well being of older adults by providing activities and programs which promote healthy lifestyles and independence so that older adults can Age in Place safely and with dignity.

*To advocate for unmet needs of older adults.

*To act as a repository of information regarding the rights, benefits and opportunities for older adults.

*To provide opportunities and encourage continued learning and creativity.

*To recognize the dignity and strength and wisdom of adults 55 and older.

*To promote collaborative relationships between area agencies providing services to older adults, local government, business, non-government and community organizations that support positive aging.

*To seek out and identify older adults who may feel isolated or be in need of services and information.

*To promote intergenerational activities.


Joyce Mosley, President

Craig Whitney, Vice President

Sherry Altschuler, PhD

William Simon Leopold

Bernice Green

David E. Galinsky, MD

Emma K. T. Benn


Dawn S. Allen, Executive Director

Nancy Godfrey, Office Manager

Felicia Howard, Social Services Coordinator

Joan Jackson, Bookkeeper

Harry Collins, Building Maintenance

Michael Sommerville, Jr., Communications Specialist

Abigail Zimandi, Program Director

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